handling trailer / launching / shipyard / hydraulic



  • Use:

    handling, launching

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Payload:

    Max.: 80 t (88.18 us ton)

    Min.: 10 t (11.02 us ton)


The model SST is a submursible hydraulic boat transporter capable of getting ships out of or into the water
on a slipway and and then store them in the storage area.

The slip trailer lift ships directly to the hull by means of hydraulic cylinders with at the end a big rubber pad .
The bow of the ship will be suported by an manually adjustable crossbar.
A slipway trailer can also be used to transport boats 3 point boat cradles but it will be less
efficient than a transporter which have been specially designed to transport cradles.

The transporter is to be pulled by an agricultural tractor, wheel loader or a telescopic
handler or another suitable vehicle.
The pulling vehicle also provides the nessacerry hydraulic power.
The trailer is equipped with width adjustment for adjusting to all sizes of vessells

This modell is available from 10 to 80 tons and can be equipped with many options.