handling trailer / shipyard / hydraulic
SLW 210 L

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handling trailer / shipyard / hydraulic handling trailer / shipyard / hydraulic - SLW 210 L


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  • Payload:

    10 t (11.02 us ton)


This pulled hydraulic boat trailer is by its very low height of only 450 mm especially suitable for storage of sloops ,launch boats, Ribs, etc.

The low heigth has the advantage that the cradle`s where the boats are placed on can be kept low which in turn affects the investment required of it.

With the special yoke it is possible to store the boats on a simple 3-point cradle which alsomakes it possible to stack two boats on top of each other. witch can double your storage capacity.

The lifting capacity of 10 Ton also makes it possible to store larger boats, or move two boats that are stacked on top of each other.

The trailer has to be pulled by a small agricultural tractor, or forklift that also provides the needed hydraulic power

This is a verry cost effective and efficient trailer for every one that works with small boats.

The trailer can be equiped with several options, and can olso be build as an self propelled version.