ship inertial navigation system / GNSS / ITAR Free / high-accuracy



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Function:


  • Other characteristics:

    ITAR Free, high-accuracy


Apogee-E is a highly accurate Inertial Navigation System that connect to a SplitBox GNSS or any survey grade external GNSS receiver for optimal navigation. The ITAR Free Apogee-E is the most accurate and versatile INS based on the robust and cost-effective MEMS technology.
High Accuracy:

0.008° Roll & Pitch (RTK)
0.025° GNSS-based Heading (4m baseline)
1 cm Position (Depends on GNSS receiver)
5 cm Real-time Heave
2 cm Delayed Heave

Apogee-E embeds:

The latest MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers
A Web Interface for Easy Configuration
A 48h Internal Data Logger for Post-processing