road trailer / for sailboats

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road trailer / for sailboats road trailer / for sailboats - V1070F


  • Use:


  • Applications:

    for sailboats

  • Payload:

    1,030 kg (2,270.76 lb)


Our boat trailer CBS V0170F simple axle braked will be used to transport your sailing boat with retractable skittle.
The trailer sailing boat CBS V0170F is equipped with a support skittle with 4 pads for stability, a front buttress, supports axles adjustable and a wheel JOCKEY.

Reference: V1070F
Gross weight (kg) : 1400
Payload (kg) : 1030
Tires : 185R14C
Wheels : 2
Brakes : Yes
Homologation : CE
Overall length : 6.05 m
overall width : 2.25 m