road trailer / for sailboats

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road trailer / for sailboats road trailer / for sailboats - V0960F


  • Use:


  • Applications:

    for sailboats

  • Payload:

    900 kg (1,984.16 lb)


Our boat trailer CBS V0960F simple axle braked will be used to transport your sailing boat.
The trailer storm sail boat CBS V0960F is equipped with a support skittle with 6 pads for stability, a front buttress, supports axles adjustable and a wheel JOCKEY.

Reference: V0960F
Gross weight (kg) : 1250
Payload (kg) : 900
Tires : 185R14C
Wheels : 2
Brakes : Yes
Homologation : CE
Overall length : 6.05 m
overall width : 2.25 m