rotary-knife cutting machine / pneumatic / textile / shipyard



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Model FP120M is a pneumatic cutting unit for cutting textile, technical fabrics and composite material having high thickenss even with multi-layer. This is the most powerful cutting unit that Rasor have ever produced. The air compressed motor is wholly made by Rasor. Thanks to the latest generation mechanical and pneumatic components, the excellent turbine reaches a power of 800 W at 15.500 RPM and a very high torque. Recently developped this model gives its eccellency to the new geometry of the motor housing of Monster series. Differently from the other models of cutting units FP120M has the motor housing held by a central foot fitted behind the blade in central position. This system spreads the shearing stress and the necessary stress to move the machine through the fabrics on both sides of the cutter and cut is so done perfectly straight and smooth. The knife is half-free on both sides to avoid winding problems even with tough fibers. FP120M is especially suitable to cut composite materials like glass fiber, carbon fiber and kevlar. The installed knife of 120 mm diameter 8-edges allow the cutting of any kind of material at the "flexible stage" up to a cutting thickness of 50mm. The push button sharpening stone allows the sharpening of the knife edge to be done in less than 10 seconds without removing the knife.