rotary-knife cutting machine / pneumatic / fabric / rubber



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  • Cut material:

    fabric, rubber

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Model FP120 is a pneumatic cutting unit for cutting textile and technical fabrics having high thickenss even with multi-layer. This is the most powerful cutting unit that Rasor has ever produced. The air compressed motor is wholly made by Rasor. Thanks to the latest generation mechanical and pneumatic components, the excellent turbine reaches a power of 800W at 15,500 RPM and a very high torque. The installed knife of 120mm diameter 8-edges allow the cutting of any kind of material at the "flexible stage" up to a cutting thickness of 50mm. The high torque and the slow speed of the knife allow the cutting of rubber material with plastic base in the carpet and light flooring application. FP120 is perfect to cut rubber, composite and plastics material. Especially suitable for the transversal cut to be installed in small spaces and it is arranged with an anchor flange easy to be fitted on fixed or automatic stirrup. The Teflon® coated aluminium base reduce the friction and to allow the easy movement of the cutting tool which can also be installed on sliding rails within a small space. For the continuous trimming processes FP120 is also available in left side version (specular) as model FP120SX. FP120 simply equal to top power and top performance for your O.E.M. application.