harbor fender / pier / arch

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harbor fender / pier / arch harbor fender / pier / arch


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    for harbors

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Super Arch rubber fenders (SAN) are tough and reliable, simple and long lasting, providing trouble-free service for a wide variety of berthing even under the most severe conditions. Super Arch rubber fender has the better stability and stronger attachment to the supporting structure than the traditional arch /v rubber fenders.

Super arch rubber fender has the higher performance than the traditional V & M type rubber fenders. It can be fitted vertically or horizontally. Based on the same unit weight of rubber, the energy absorption of super arch rubber fenders is 2.3 times higher than D type rubber fender, 3.5 times higher than the cylindrical rubber fenders.

Super arch rubber fenders also can be bolted with UHMW-PE face pads, combining Super Arch Rubber Fendersresilience with low-friction, non-marking properties, called SANP. This design can reduce the torsion the bottom of the fender dramatically, then prolong the life-span of rubber fender body. The UHMW-PE face pads have various colors, and can be replaced easily.