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harbor ladder harbor ladder - LifeLadder


  • Application domain:

    for marinas, for harbors

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  • Applications:

    pier, dock

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LifeLadder® is an innovative safety ladder, that significantly enhances safety along waterfront structures compared to traditional galvanized and painted steel ladders.
LifeLadder® is manufactured in modules of reinforced, UV-protected polyamide. Bright yellow color and solar-powered LightUnit makes the LifeLadder® highly visible both day and night.

“LifeLadder® is significantly more visible than traditional rescue ladders - even before the addition of the solar-powered lamp,” says Simon Høgsholt, Technical Manager at Sikuki Nuuk Harbor.

The LifeLadder® does not require maintenance and never needs to be painted. The low material weight also makes it much easier to handle and the ladder can be installed without the need of a crane.

"It was a very simple task to assemble LifeLadder® and the installation was done by only one man," says Fred Arne Sørum, Technical Director at Larvik Harbor.

Measured per kilo, the CO2 footprint is about the same as for traditional painted and galvanized steel ladders, but since LifeLadder weighs only about 1/10 of the steel ladders, the product is significantly more sustainable: 3.0 meters LifeLadder weighs only 16 kg.
the modular construction also contributes to improvements in sustainability as any damaged ladder need not be replaced but can be repaired with new modules.

The LifeLadder® is the perfect choise for any quay, wharf and pontoon in ports, harbours, cities, marinas and waterways.

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