Who we are

Port-Safety was founded in 2017 with the aim of improving safety in ports and along quay walls globally.

The flagship product, the innovative LifeLadder®, is visible, durable, versatile, sustainable and economic. LifeLadder® has a significantly lower weight than traditional alternative safety ladders and is easy to handle and install. The product is maintenance-free, and its UV-stable plastic modules will never corrode. LifeLadder®’s signature bright yellow color ensures visibility throughout the day, and the solar powered LightUnit illuminates the ladder and provides visibility at night.

Since market launch in the spring of 2018, LifeLadders® are improving the safety in ports and cities worldwide.

Our values

We are in the business of saving lives.

We strive to improve safety for people living and working at waterfronts.

Our presence around the world