epoxy adhesive / multi-use / water-resistant



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Flexible Repair And Construction Epoxy
Will not sag, run, or shrink
For large or small repairs
Remains flexible
Offers superior bonding
Can be molded and shaped
Use above and below the waterline
Can be machined, sanded, drilled and tapped
Low odor formula

Flexpoxy 7076 is a two-part epoxy resin that does not sag, run, or shrink. Its thick formula allows it to fill large cavities in a single application. When cured, it remains flexible making it ideal for environments that require flex such as keel joint repairs. Flexpoxy creates a superior bond to all epoxies, polyester resins, metals and wood. It can be sanded, machined, cut, filed, planed, drilled, tapped, or nailed making it perfect for filling, filleting, forming, fairing, and fastening. This low odor formula is resistant to chemicals and is safe to use above and below the waterline. Flexpoxy can be molded and shaped during application and is easily tinted with paints and stains. Flexpoxy can be over coated by most paints and stains.

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