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NS360 Pocket V2



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    for racing sailboats

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New V2 upgrades
The new V2 design features a new button panel, new higher contrast LCD mounted on a soft silicon pad to survive the toughest conditions. A new amber red backlight allows the unit to carry its duty in the night sailings. PC connectivity is now enhanced with the latest generation Bluetooth low energy transceiver (BLE).

True magnetic tactical compass with "3 levels of sensitivity"
The NS360 Pocket V2 is a all-in-one multi constellation GPS receiver coupled with a 9 axis gyro gimballed magnetic digital compass. It delivers precise and reliable heading information to help you to tack and jibe at the most suitable times. Through a simple push button, the sub-modes let you decide the required sensitivity

GPS speedo and compass
The over ground speed of the boat as measured by the GPS receiver is provided with several levels of sensitivity (High / Medium / Low). The trip distance, the GPS heading and the maximum speed can also be accessed.

The easiest count-down timer
Press the timer button to get the 5 minute sequence started. Press it again, and it will re-synchronize to 4 minutes or 1 minute.

GPS Data-logger
Hundred of hours of sailing data can be recorded and transferred wirelessly:

Waypoints and routes
Up to 100 Waypoints and 20 routes can be memorized.

Distance to the start line
The NS360 Pocket V2 start line distance function combines a highly accurate GPS and a gyro gimballed 9 axis magnetic compass to pinpoint exactly where you are relative to the line.

Central bargraph
The bargraph gives an immediate access to any wind variation.

Fully upgradable

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