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container spreader container spreader


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Container tilting spreaders for tipping containers over the
ship hold are implemented in a specialized ship loading
system. Currently, the system is put into operation by a
modern bulk terminal at port of Ust-Luga, Russia, capable
of handling DWT 5000 – 50000 ships.
The tilting spreader is used for unloading containers by
inverting them over the ship hold. Current spreader
model is developed so that the tilting angle ensures the
entire cargo is unloaded from the container.
It was the cutting-edge technology adapted specifically
for this terminal that brought forward its investment
efficiency and significantly lowered expected investment
level needed for developing standard facilities with
similar bulk handling volume. The terminal implements
specialized tilting spreaders that allows handling up to
15000 tons per day. Four delivered spreaders brought
total cargo turnover to 2 million tonnes per annum.
Unloading dry fertilizers from rail hoppers into specialized
containers is done on spot, skipping an intermediary
storage unit. Dry fertilizers are stored in specialized
containers as future shiploads. Therefore, containers are
turned into storage elements, which allows stacking and
accumulating shiploads of various types of fertilizers and ensures high preservation of product.