boat deck hatch / square / rectangular / opening



  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Configuration:

    square, rectangular

  • Type:




A line of deck hatches, specially designed for those who want to combine maximum safety with minimum encumbrance, quality and good-taste. The ìslim-lineî hatches raise up just 25 mm from the deck, but in them you will find a concentration of top qualities:
The solidity of the ìslim-lineî hatches is concentrated in just 25 mm thickness from the deck. But it is sufficient to look at the massive section of both profiles to understand that there is no comparison with any other hatch, even of larger dimensions. The neoprene seal (with matching teeth on the lower frame) and the sealant container groove along the upper frame), guarantee not only solidity but also perfect waterproofing.
All the hatches can be blocked in a ìsemi-open positionî which provides good ventilation in the cabins but prevents the hatch from being opened from the outside. Also in the regulation of the opening we have favoured solidity, believing that a deck hatch must stay open in exactly the position you wish, without any dangerous swinging, even at high speeds. The traditional telescopic arm system has therefore been carefully designed to be extremely efficient whilst taking up as little space as possible. In this way the cover can be blocked in any position from O∞ to 90∞, and it can even be opened up to 180∞, thanks to the stopper which can be removed from the telescopic arm.
Easy to use and ultra-flat external handles are available as optionals for all types of hatches, and allow the cover to be opened and closed from the outside. In this case handles are supplied with a practical locking-system which can be operated from inside.