mainsail / headsail / for cruising sailboats / cross-cut
Cruise Plus



  • Type:

    mainsail, headsail

  • Applications:

    for cruising sailboats

  • Fabrication:

    cross-cut, Dacron®


These sails are world-class inshore cruising sails, designed to handle additional use offshore as well. When coupled with our Tradewinds Specification option, they are truly the best value cruising sail in the market today. We utilize the very latest in Challenge and Contender woven Dacron fabric matched specifically to the type of sail, and also the type of sailing you will do as well. This is critical; as the design and construction of any given woven fabric and in any weight can be very different and this should be matched to the type of sailing you do you, should it be weekend sailing or planning an extended trip to southern latitudes.