NMEA network connection box for boats



BSH Type Approved for stand alone (independent system) use with azimuth tracking units of all kinds (radars, trackplotters, antenna alignment systems, nav computers etc.) and Wheelmark approved for use with Navitron NT921G/NT951G/NT990G and NT991G MK2 autopilot systems, the NT925HDI (Heading Data Interface) provides four types of simultaneous output data converted from virtually any synchro or step by step gyrocompass heading outputs.
In addition, NT925HDI units incorporating software version 2.0r and later, will accept 200 or 400 pulses per nautical mile from speed log systems and will provide NMEA output data in heading only, speed only or combined speed and heading formats as required by ECDIS and AIS Systems etc. Version 3.0 software and later also provides Rate of Turn (ROT) NMEA data outputs.