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inboard engine / professional vessel / diesel / direct fuel injection
6 W126M



  • Type:


  • Market:

    professional vessel

  • Power source:


  • Technology:

    direct fuel injection, turbocharged

  • Other characteristics:

    Tier 2

  • Power:

    294 kW, 331 kW (399.7 hp)


4 stroke diesel engine, direct injection

Bore and stroke 126 x 155 mm
Number of cylinders 6 in line
Total displacement 11.6 litres
Compression ratio 17/1
Engine rotation (ISO 1204 standard) CCW *
Idle speed 600 rpm
Weight (without water & oil) 1200 kg
Flywheel housing SAE 1
Flywheel SAE 14"

Customer benefits
Continuous compact power with reference performances in its category
Global environment care with low exhaust emissions and controlled fuel consumption at any running cycle
Simple technology with mechanical injection
Life cycle cost efficiency with extended mean time between overhauls (MBTO)

P1 typical applications
deep sea trawlers, shrimps trawlers, sea going tug boats, river tug boats, push boats,
freighters, dredges, LCT, ferries

P2 typical applications
passengers vessels, harbour tug boats, motorbarges, coastal freighters, tuna boats, seiners, netters, potting boats, longliners, buoyers, supply vessels, oceanographic research vessels, commercial pleasure crafts

Engine and block
Cast iron cylinder block, with replaceable cylinder liners
Separate cast iron cylinder heads equipped with 4 valves
Replaceable valves guides and seats
Steel forged crankshaft with 7 bearings
Lube oil cooled light alloy piston with 3 high performance piston rings