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Brilliance of the Seas

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cruise ship cruise ship - Brilliance of the Seas


  • Length:

    293 m (961'03")

  • Passenger capacity:

    2,500 unit


The Brilliance of the Seas is a sister ship of the Radiance of the Seas and was put into service in 2002. The ship is innovative as well as eco-friendly in terms of outfitting and engineering. Special highlights are the external glass elevators. While riding these elevators, passenger can enjoy a fantastic ocean view – certainly a very special feeling!
Also the interior of the cruise liner leaves nothing to be desired: Premium coffee selections are offered in Lattitudes, in the Casino Royale the passengers can try their luck. Special programs are offered for six different age groups.
Live music and shows entertain the passengers every night. Those who want to get active may take dancing lessons or prove themselves in miniature golf tournaments. Passengers seeking peace and silence on board can relax in the ship’s own library.