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hydrocarbon absorber / for oil spill pads
Mavi Pad series



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    for oil spill pads


Absorbent PadAbsorbent PadFor marine or land-based oil spills. Absorbent Pad is recommended for use on minor on water oil spills and in-plant use. Excellent for pipelines, shipyards, ship and yachts decks, factories, industrial plants, loading docks, machine and maintenance shops, fire departments, municipal spill response or anywhere liquid, chemical or oil spills occur. Oil Sorbent Pad, oil absorbents are always easily placed and retrieved.Absorbent Pad are available in BIO, OIL and CHEM materials.FeaturesAbsorbent Pad has the Absorption Power, Absorbs up to 25 times its own weight in oil and other related liquids.Hydrophobic, Repels water to absorb only petroleum and other related fluids selectively.Lint Free, No contamination to vital machine partsAbsorbent Pads are Quick Wicking Speed, Reducing downtime for cleanupSuperior Retention, Liquids are held tightly to prevent the recurrence of a spill.Absorbent Pads are Low Ash Content, Incinerable, minimizing your waste stream.