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pollution control boom / absorbent
Mavi Boom series



  • Type:

    pollution control

  • Technology:



Our Absorbent Boom is designed to use for Chemical, Oil only, and universal. Absorbent Boom is the fastest way to clean up a spill. Absorbent Boom is available in a range of different weights and materials. Oil Absorbent Boom, Universal Absorbent Boom, and Chemical Absorbent Boom material provide for rapid capillary action and excellent absorbent capacity and retention.

Mavi Deniz Oil Absorbent Boom is a cost-effective way of recovering small and medium-sized oil/chemicals spills from streams, lagoons, settlement ponds, harbors, rivers, or for shoreline protection. Oil Absorbent Boom is quickly deployed and towed, and different sizes are available for a variety of marine and industrial applications.