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observation ROV observation ROV - Oceanus


  • Type:


  • Depth:

    91 m (298'06")


The Oceanus is the perfect inspection-class ROV. The Oceanus can be used for underwater search and recovery missions and environmental assessments and is ideally suited for propeller, hull and wharf inspections. Weighing only 8 lbs, the Oceanus can easily be deployed and controlled by one person.

Our Oceanus ROV features a truly sunlight readable, splash-resistant 10.4” display which makes the live camera feed easily viewable in any light condition. The Oceanus control console is protected by a fully water-resistant case. The new DC power input feature allows operation where AC power is not available. Composite video output provides for real-time viewing and recording on all fully compatible MarineNav hardware.

The MarineNav ROV is fully compatible with all MarineNav products allowing for real-time viewing from multiple locations. Picture-in-picture allows users to view the ROV video feed without interrupting vessel monitoring systems. Available with optional one-touch recording system.

For full specifications, please refer to the brochure or our website (www.marinenav.ca).

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