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MARINE FLOOR EUROPE produces its floating elements in France in order to create all sizes structures for various kinds of uses. Here is a short list of possible floating applications thanks to the MARINE FLOOR Eco-System cubes, on the sea/ocean, on a lake/pond or on a river:

Docking pontoon - Floating bridge - Marinas accommodation - Sports or culture events - Leisure base - Work platform - Floating terrace - Floating island - Shooting platform - Swimming pontoon - Boat(s) and Jet-Ski(s) platform - Heliport - Aquaculture farm - Industrial or private wharf - Floating stage - Floating house - Pyrotechnic platform - Diving platform - Floating swimming pool - etc.

All those floating applications can be put into the water temporarily (events or seasonal activity) or permanently, regarding the needs: the cubes easy to handle assembling system allows you to modulate the floating structure at will. Each year, new applications expand the existing range: constantly searching for innovation and challenge, MARINE FLOOR EUROPE is your partner for all your floating projects.

In order to help you, two sales processes are available:

- The sale of new and second hand floating structures,

- The renting of floating structure,

According to your needs and your budget, MARINE FLOOR EUROPE will propose you the most adapted formula to fulfil your floating project! So do not hesitate to transmit us all your ideas, even the ones you think are the craziest!