marina platform / for recreation centers / for special events / for floating houses



  • Application domain:

    for marinas, for recreation centers, for special events, for floating houses

  • Type:

    fixed, floating, swim, multifunction

  • Other characteristics:

    custom, modular


Diving board

Diving board in beige and grey draughtboard, pre-assembled, ready-to-use and easily removable in case of floods or of storm. Complete, including a set of key and a plan of assembling / dismantling for any possible transformation.

Advantages :

- Modularity: settles very quickly, can be easily unsettled for others applications and without the help of machine
- Security: system on pins allowing a better sharing of charges and avoiding the effect pendulum
- Stability: the fitting in crenel of the cubes constituting the set confers it a stability
- Shock resistance: the impacts are distributed on all the cubes and totally absorbed
- Flexibility: by its low weight, the diving board remains on surface and does not suffer the waves. It waves slightly by absorbing them, forming an anti-wave barrier
- Reliability: the secret of assembly is in the superimposing of rings on every corner of the cubes. Each ring has a breaking resistance of 2T and is tested in factory at the exit of production. Until today, no failure has been noticed in applications on open sea and in difficult conditions. The system resists up to hollows of 3m
- Aesthetic: the two-coloured units offer a more pleasant aesthetic. The colour grey is perfectly integrated into the sea and river environment whereas the colour beige offers luminosity and cheerfulness under the sunbeams as well as a better visibility since the shore.
- Accessibility: by means of a ladder for the size S and two ladders for the sizes M and L