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UltraMAX™ Pumping Systems

Available in Internal and External Mix Configurations

Rapid Access Design (RAD) for easy access
Low pressure FIT® Technology
Ready for fillers

The MVP UltraMAX™ FIT® Chop system delivers power, versatility and rugged construction for long lasting use. MVP’s Rapid Access Design (RAD) serves you with easy maintenance, and reliable performance.

If your goal is to make quality parts with minimal overspray and no wasted materials, then low pressure is the way to go. With the UltraMAX™ pumping system, the MVP FIT® Chop system utilizes low pressures (15 – 30 psi).

The best technology in emissions control is the patented FIT® (Fluid Impingement Technology). When you use FIT® technology, you can be assured you are armed with a state-of-the art weapon against harmful emissions. The MVP UltraMAX™ FIT® Chop system has very low emissions.

With no splashing or bounceback and less air entrapment, the UltraMAX™ FIT® Chop system produces a stronger, more uniform laminate.