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Highly accurate Patriot™ Technology
Increased efficiency
Improved product quality
Modular versatility

The Patriot™ Chop/Wetout system delivers unprecedented precision, power, versatility and rugged construction for long lasting use, Rapid Access Design (RAD) for easy maintenance, and reliable performance. This is the one the other guys compare themselves to.

The Patriot™ Chop/Wetout system is a versatile pumping system that addresses many of the problems experienced in composites material application. If your goal is to make quality parts with minimal overspray and greatly reduce waste materials, then the precision of this system is what you need.
Precision counts

The key to efficient FRP production is achieving a uniform laminate. Precise metering is the key to correct many of the quality issues, such as porosity, inconsistent thickness and more that currently face composites manufactures. With a catalyst-to-resin variance ratio of 1% or less, the Patriot™ chop system runs circles around competitive systems that tested with variance ratios of 25% – 30%.