RTM injection machine / shipyard

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RTM injection machine / shipyard RTM injection machine / shipyard - MkVI
  • RTM injection machine / shipyard


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    for RTM

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The MkVI Injection System comes in three configurations, Polyester, Phenolic, and Epoxy Resins. This unit is ideal for Advanced Closed Molding applications. These systems come with multiple pump options based on the material used.

Suitable for mixing and injecting Polyester, Vinylester, Methacrylate and Epoxy resin systems.
Catalyst ratio can be infinitely adjusted from 1.0% to 50%.
Head auto valves include valve position indicators.
Built in pneumatic interlocks on both auto head valves.
Internal interlocks on both auto head valves.
Resin Gel Alarm system (RGA).
Pre-determined counter (PDC), with a count rate of every 100cc.
Mould Pressure Guard (MPG).
Full instrumentation and control panel.
Gel timer with alarm and alarm volume control.
Emergency stop, air failure machine shutdown with safe automatic restart on reset.
Designed to connect to and control multiple ancillaries.

Machine specification for manual head polyester, epoxy and phenolic:

Complete 2 stream mixing head with standard static mixer element
Manual Resin and Catalyst re-circulation at head with manual valve interlocks
Heavy-duty ratio arms
100cc Primary Resin Pump with inlet hose and filter suitable for a 200kdrum.
Full instrumentation and control panel, housed in steel lockable cabinet.
MPG, Mould Pressure Guard.
RGA, Resin Gel Alarm
Timed solvent flush of machine head (cancels RGA).
Designed to connect to and control:

Turbo Autosprue – Automatic injection valve.
IVx3 – 3-Position Injection Valve
Pneumatic PV Sensor (PPVS) – For precise mold pressure control