vacuum infusion injection machine / for RTM / shipyard



  • Specifications:

    for vacuum infusion, for RTM

  • Application domain:



Highly accurate Patriot™ mix/meter technology
Powered and operated solely through pneumatics
Increased efficiency
Unique control panel
Easy to operate

The Patriot™ Innovator Injection Systems were designed for injecting polyester, vinylester and methacrylate resins and catalyst at controlled pressures. The material mixing is done on demand at the injection head, and the catalyst ratio can be adjusted from 0.75% to 2.5%.

The fully pneumatic automated controls, controlling the number of strokes during injections, recirculation, and more makes the process easier and more efficient.

Features of these systems include:

Fully pneumatic, automated controls
Stroke number counter
Resin Gel Alarm (RGA)
Mold Pressure Guard (MPG)
Integrated controls for
Auto Gun
Turbo Autosprue/IVx3/PPVS on/off
Flush Controls