mooring rope / towing / flat braid / for ships



  • Type:

    mooring, towing

  • Structure:

    flat braid

  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Core material:

    Dyneema® core


12 strand braided rope, made of Dyneema® yarns. This rope forms LANKO®FORCE an excellent alternative for heavy and lumbersome steelwire ropes in situations requiring manual handling of the rope. The strength is higher than that of conventional steelwire rope and the corresponding weight is 7 times lower! The better handling characteristics are especially appreciated in towing and mooring applications. This rope is floating! When replacing fibre rope the reduction in diameter can lead to substantial saving of weight and size of e.g. the mooring winches, and when incorporated in the design of the vessel at newbuilding to a saving of cost as well.