wave windsurf board / freestyle / tri-fin



  • Intended use:

    wave, freestyle

  • Fins:


  • Volume:

    77 l, 85 l, 93 l, 102 l, 112 l (20 gal)


JP introduced the first Freestyle Wave in 2001. Subdue to constant shape evolution and fine tuning, the line is still state-of-the-art in its class. So, no matter how many brands copy JP’s concept or even the Freestyle Wave name, if you want the true original you don’t need to look anywhere else.

British WINDSURF stated, “Perfectly at home on flat water, the 102 really comes into its own when used in a coastal environment …. highly recommended”. French PLANCHEMAG also selected it as favorite of its group stating, “It is also very effective in surf due to the flow of its turns, the quick transition from one rail to the other and a strong grip of the fins”.