harbor forklift

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harbor forklift harbor forklift


  • Application domain:

    for harbors

  • Carrying capacity:

    5 t (5.5 us ton)


Boat Eagle offers the great advantage of being able to bring most of the boat onto the vehicle itself thanks to a patented double telescopic arm system that shortens total length to that of the boat plus 2.50 metres, thus allowing a 9.5 m boat to be easily manoeuvred within a 13 metre space.

This feature is extremely useful during transport, since, combined with the possibility of hydraulically raising the cab up to 2.9 m from the ground, it allows for the boat to be kept low and close to the truck base while ensuring visibility beyond it from a raised position and increased vehicle stability. This advantage of being able to raise the cabin also proves very useful during boat haulage and storing, as it offers an optimal visual range.

The vehicle is extremely manoeuvrable in the confined spaces of shipyards and dry docks and offers optimal stability due to its 2.7 m wide support base, robust frame, telescopic arm and automatic rear axle locking device, which can transform the support area from triangular to rectangular.

Boat Eagle is therefore a specialized product for boat haulage, handling and storage operations within a dry dock system. The product is equipped with high-tech components of the highest quality, making it fast, reliable and efficient:

Mercedes OM 904 LA EURO 3B engine with AD BLUE system as standard (complies with emissions standards in force from 01/01/2012).