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pollution control boom / permanent / floating / for harbors



  • Type:

    pollution control

  • Technology:

    permanent, floating

  • Application zone:

    for harbors, river


A floating baffle is used in water construction and serves as a light material separator. It holds back any substance, floating on the water surface, and adapts to different water levels. It is useful in all applications where a firmly embedding to the embankment construction is possible. Two embankment walls, which are usually made of sturdy wooden planks or concrete walls, are connected by floating plastic elements. These are running in flexibly rails to fit at the respective water levels. If the water level rises, the passage is extended below the barrier. Water can flow in a uniformly low speed. Oil or floating debris will be retained on the surface by floating booms.

The embankment walls of the floating baffle are usually installed offset to the flow of the water. It will determined where the floating debris accumulates. It can easily be skimmed off to a collection.
A floating baffle takes their task about 20 years maintenance free.