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pollution control boom / air bubble / river / pneumatic



  • Type:

    pollution control

  • Technology:

    air bubble

  • Application zone:


  • Other characteristics:



The pneumatic oil-containment barrier is currently the best method for containing spilled oil on the water. Rising air bubbles create a horizontal current that moves in two directions on the waters surface. Floating oil cant pass through the barrier created by this current.

Our pneumatic oil-containment barrier consists of a thick-walled polyethylene pipe that is anchored to the bottom of the particular body of water. Compressors provide the hose system with compressed air. The air escapes through special built-in nozzles, and the stream that emerges is divided into countless tiny bubbles that float to the waters surface and create a barrier due to the resulting current. A permanent installation, the pneumatic oil-containment barrier is used first and foremost to protect seawater desalination facilities and tanker harbours.