5-person water bike / electric drive



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    electric drive


The Electric Hydrobike was designed to be a fun, recreational, and eco-friendly watercraft. The engineer, with over 30 years of manufacturing and fabrication experience, has put much thought and foresight into the development of the electric Hydrobike. The electric Hydrobike is based on a dual pontoon platform, used by the HYDROBIKES® company, which has been in production for over twenty years. This platform is used for their Hydrobike models and is a very stable and indestructible design. The power plant is a Minn Kota 50lb thrust modified electric trolling motor. The controls have been placed on the handle bars for the ease and comfort of the user. The electric Hydrobike has other designs such as; fishing models, dual seating, and much more.The Electric Hydrobike is well suited for freshwater lakes, rivers and inland waterways. It is very stable and easy to operate. It runs on a Group 27 deep cycle marine battery and will run for 3-5 hours (depending on usage). It weights only 156 lbs, so it is easy for two adults to carry.