5-person water bike

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5-person water bike 5-person water bike - Angler


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The leg-powered Angler means no paddling, less noise, and more casts per outing. Translation, more fish. The Hydrobike drive was developed 25 years ago. It spins a highly efficient 12" propeller. It is the most advanced, and longstanding commercially tough pedal drive in the industry. It has proven itself on all oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams in 71 countries. To prove it's endurance Steve Anderson rode the bike 1,180 miles for 68 days UP the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico to St. Cloud, Minnesota in 1994. In 2008, 64 year old Bob Barrett of WA commented that he had been riding his Hydrobike across Puget Sound on his journey to work for 7 years logging over 6000 miles.