hull cleaning underwater ROV

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hull cleaning underwater ROV hull cleaning underwater ROV - HullWiper


  • Type:

    for hull cleaning

  • Depth:

    100 m (328'01")


HullWiper collects marine fouling removed from hulls, rather than polluting local port water and risking the spread of harmful invasive species. Captured residues are pumped into a filter unit and then deposited into dedicated drums onshore, which are collected by a locally-approved environmental waste disposal company. The effectiveness of HullWiper's filter system in cleaning the waste water has been verified by AMT Environmental, an environmental analysis and consulting professional. A clean hull also improves a vessel's speed and reduces carbon emissions.

HullWiper sprays adjustable high-pressure seawater jets directly onto a ship's hull at a very high velocity to dislodge waste materials, without using scrubbing, harsh chemicals or abrasive materials required for traditional methods. Unlike traditional brush cleaning, Hullwiper uses high pressure jets for cleaning, thus leaving expensive antifouling surfaces smooth, intact and undamaged. The use of high pressure jets for cleaning ensures that HullWiper does not damage the ship's expensive antifouling coatings.