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Heavy Duty

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fire fighting ship fire fighting ship - Heavy Duty
  • Fire fighting ship


  • Length:

    90'00" (27.43 m)


This “Heavy Duty” custom designed and built Fireboat for the City of Chicago is one example of the type of Fireboats offered. In this case the vessel is designed to break up to 12 inches of first year ice at a speed of 3 knots. This enables the vessel to operate “year round”. Although primarily a firefighting vessel, the vessel is also used for “multi-tasks”, such as diving support, search and rescue, distress response for recreational boaters, and a station pumping to supplement the Cities fire-main supply of water in the event of a major fire inland. The Fireboat normally operates with a crew of 5 but increases to 10 when firefighting. The vessel has a full galley, washrooms, medical treatment room, crew accommodations and Haz-Mat showers.

Vessel Particulars:

Hull: Steel, with aluminum superstructure
Length: 90ft
Class: NFPA Type III
Tonnage: 300 tons
Propulsion: Twin 1,600hp Caterpillar diesel engines
Power: Two 99KW marine diesel generators
Maximum speed: 12 Knots
Fuel capacity: 2,500 gallon diesel tank
Foam: Two 500 gallon foam tanks
Fire pumps: Two 7,000 GPM pumps powered by 2-1,000hp Caterpillar Diesels
Monitors: Four monitors; 3 on the bow, 1 on the stern

Additional Custom Features:

Hydraulic stern mounted mast with monitor can be elevated to 30 ft and lowered for passage under the bridges on the Chicago River system.

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