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floating office
Ocean Village

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floating office floating office - Ocean Village


MDL Marinas upgrade of Ocean Village continues. Waterside access into Southampton is even more stunning with the completion of the Ocean Village comprehensive redesign. Innovations include a £50m luxury spa hotel complex and a floating dock office to welcome guests from around the world.

The guiding design principle was to create an office that combines transparency with sustainability, creating a strong relationship between the office and Ocean Village Marina was essential,

The newly completed Harbour Hotel provided Mid Century design cues and the partially submerged floor level ensured that at high tide the office roof did not disturb the views from the Hotel drinks terrace.

The new Dockmasters office is sustainably designed to be relocatable and to function off-grid. High levels of insulation ensures it has a low energy consumption and it makes use of green technologies such as a 7.2Kw solar system, heat recovery systems and glazing that gives shading to cut down on solar gain and is anti-glare so the dock masters have a comfortable view out over the marina.

The waste water management systems we installed in the floating office takes grey water (water from kitchen sinks, showers, and basins) and runs it through a filtration system that gets finer and finer. Although this water can’t be used for drinking it is clean enough to go back out into the environment, or into a storage tank so it can be used for toilet flushing and washing down decks