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mooring cordage / towing / single braid / for ships



  • Type:

    mooring, towing

  • Structure:

    single braid

  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Core material:

    HMPE polyethylene core


Made from HMWPE fibres and protected by a self unique impregnation that improves its abrasion resistance, Cotesi D-Tech ropes must be considered when high breaking strengths are required. Using a torque free 12 strands braided construction, D-Tech is stronger than steel wire of the same weight and has proven to be a cost-saving replacement for wire rope in several applications.Major features:1/7 of the steel wire weightLonger life time compared to steel wireLow operational costs Low elongationFlexible, non kinking and non rotatingEasy and safer handlingEasy to spliceRaw material: HMWPE Specific Gravity: 0,98 (floats)Melting Point: 150ºCElongation at % of BS:25% …. 0,9%50% …. 1,6%Main applications:Mooring linesAnchor lineWinch linesTowing and Tug ropes

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