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generator controller / for boats generator controller / for boats - FIDIO® / EOS®


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Taking up a boat homelike with comfort and safety, is possible today, thanks to Integra Plus®, the innovative Coelmo® ologeneration system. This system makes it possible to have a single and intelligent management of energy sources on board. Simply by tuning the TV to your favourite programme, or by switching on the air-conditioner, Integra Plus® will choose one of the available energy sources (shore power, generator, and inverter), by using the most suitable and environmentally-friendly one.

No more energy waste, thanks to using low-load generators or to overloading the batteries. Integra Plus® can regulate the supply of each source and optimise efficiency and continuance. No more induced galvanic currents which can quickly damage the anodes, rotors and stabilisers. Integra Plus® can safeguard the boat with a permanent galvanic protection system.

In a single and compact box, Integra Plus® encloses a pure sine wave inverter, a two output battery charger, a UPS, a galvanic protection, and a sophisticated ologeneration system, and all these components are monitored by a single EOS® digital control panel. The simplicity in installation, maintenance and use, exalts the features of the most innovative boats.

The reliability of Integra Plus® ologeneration system is also due to the international guarantee, sustained by a net of distributors and authorised workshops worldwide, which are ready to provide spare parts and immediate assistance.