management software / AIS / routing / for ships



  • Type:

    management, AIS, routing

  • Application domain:

    for ships


DataSwitch is a data routing and management software application that provides a reliable flow of data to your environment. DataSwitch supports the functionality defined in IALA Recommendation A-124, LSS Layer, Part IV. It is ideal for the collection, filtering, logging, and sharing of AIS data over networks.

For shore-based networks, DataSwitch enables the flow of information from one or more AIS base stations and/or receivers to a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) center. Similarly, a VTS center can send vital information to a regional headquarters, and then on to a national entity via another DataSwitch.

For a vessel-based network, DataSwitch can send information from attached NMEA devices (sensors) to a number of stations on the vessel. The distribution of both standard and proprietary data messages from one central location to shared locations makes DataSwitch essential in many diverse environments.