CNS Systems AB

Who we are

CNS Systems operates in the global maritime and aviation markets with specific expertise in Communication, Navigation and Surveillance of traffic.  We deliver a wide range of complete system solutions and unit level solutions, always customized in close cooperation with our customers and based on their needs. 

The systems offered are based on AIS and VDL Mode 4 standards for maritime and aviation, respectively.  The Maritime solutions include complete systems for shore based, ship borne and airborne operations. The Aviation solutions offered include communication and applications for air traffic management, airport and helicopter operations.

CNS Systems has a long and extensive experience in development, marketing, contracting, and project management of marine and aviation systems. CNS Systems delivers reliable products based on the latest technology, developed and manufactured according to rigorous quality standards. Certified for critical applications and compliant with standards, they can easily be integrated with customers’ existing systems and with future investments.

Development of long-term customer relationships due to our flexibility and committed organization is the basis for our success.

CNS Systems is represented through our own offices in Sweden and Canada, and through a worldwide sales and distribution associated network. 

Our values


CNS Systems shall be the world’s most innovative company within communication, navigation and surveillance. We create sustainable, cost-efficient solutions that make transportation safer.


Based on the AIS and VDL Mode 4 standards, CNS Systems provides:

System solutions for communication, navigation and surveillance for sea and air traffic

Related customer-specific applications, integration and services

Safety and efficiency at reduced operational costs