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Wireless Wi-Fi Adapter with Web Server

The SeaSmart WiFi Pro gateway adds vessel instrument data to a local wireless network for real-time viewing and data logging on any portable device.

The SeaSmart.netTM WiFi-Pro Gateway translates analog sensors and optional NMEA 2000 bus data to 802.11 b/g wireless for use on any compatible infrastructure or AdHoc network. Can be used stand-alone (AdHoc) with any tablet/iPad/iPhone/ SmartPhone or attached wirelessly to an on-board router (infrastructure). Also compatible with new MiFi cell based devices and personal HotSpots for remote internet access within coverage areas.

A Built-in Server hosts Web pages that convert NMEA 2000 data directly into virtual instruments for real-time display of hundreds of parameters. The pages are completely customizable using the browser interface to match any installation from engine data, fluid tanks, battery status, weather, navigation, and more.

New Generation-2 features allow the adapter to send data directly to HelmSmart.netTM servers over an existing internet connection while also storing to internal SD memory in case live connections are not available. SD memory files can be later accessed via any browser device and uploaded to cloud based servers for storage and analysis.