yacht control panel / pump / for blowers

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yacht control panel / pump / for blowers yacht control panel / pump / for blowers


  • Application domain:

    for yachts

  • Applications:

    pump, for blowers


Supply 3Phs+N+PE 400V±10% 50/60Hz for pump/ventilator “3Phs+PE 400V±10% 50/60Hz” or 1Phs+N+PE 230V±10% 50/60Hz for for pump/ventilator “3Phs+PE 230V±10% 50/60Hz”;
Selector switch, Thermostatic/off/Inverter pump/ventilator (possibility of emergency operation thermostatic or pressure switch);
Input signal 4-20 mA from pressure transmitter, termperature transmitter or flowmeter (not included) for Automatic Speed Regulation;
Inverter in function light;
Inverter in protection light;
Frequency converter made of primary brand;
EMC suppression filter for residential and industrial applications;
Fuses for inverter & motor protection;
Auxiliary protection fuses;
Intelligent keyboard programming in front panel;
Forced ventilation system for inverter cooling from 4 kW power;
Free contact alarm relay;
General blook-door switch;
Steel box;
Cable glands with stress relief;
Terminal board;
User manual;
Electric Drawing and CE Declaration;
Degree of protection IP54.

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