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carbon speargun

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carbon speargun carbon speargun - JOKER 410


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JOKER 410 is a modular free diving speargun, this is its greatest characteristic. A special design where the technique of the single shell structure made from 100% carbon adapts towards the creation of several measurements through the regulation of a mobile part.

Extremely versatile, JOKER 420 can be used with a single or double loop band. Its calibrated mass, adjustable layout and the presence of a shaft guide, allow for the creation of several shaft types and lengths.

JOKER 410 is adjustable in four different lengths (95cm - 100cm - 105cm - 110cm ).

The change in size (to be carried out dry) is easy to perform by acting on the two screws below the speargun. The desired layout is achieved by adding and/or removing the shaped floats inserted inside the speargun to balance it.

The floats should fill the empty space that remains inside the gun in order to regulate its layout. Every 5 cm of increase of the measurement, should correspond to the introduction of 5cm of floater according to this simple layout:

95 cm = no float = shaft 6,5 x 1300
100 cm = 5cm of floats = shaft 6,5 x 1350/1400
105 cm = 10cm of floats = shaft 6,5 x 1400
110 cm = 15cm of floats = shaft 6,5 x 1500