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carbon speargun

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carbon speargun carbon speargun - URUKAY


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The first time that you see it, you will ask yourself whether you like it or not. Then you pick it up and you weigh it in your hands… you will be shocked by how much mass lies in those black shapes, with almost elegant proportions, so conclusive. Then you are enthralled, and it enchants you…

This is URUKAY, it expresses power without delicacy, a fatal attraction of irrational power, it instils respect.

Technically it is a real 100% carbon single structure T700 Megaforce, moulded using the N.J.C. (No Joint Construction) C4 system, as mechanics in AISI 316 and with an extremely sensitive trigger made from titanium. The metal plates in the muzzle holding the rubber pieces positioned parallel to the shaft are decisively oversized, just like the rest of pieces of URUKAY. Everything provides the certainty that after a long trip to reach a sea in which excellent fishes can be found, nothing can ruin that special chance, sometimes even unique.

In line with the C4 philosophy “first of all align the target”, URUKAY combines the exuberant power with hydrodynamic forms that favour backward hydrodynamic masses and centres of gravity. Their closeness with the grip of a hand, reduces the distance and therefore the weight effect to be moved without reducing contrast to the recoil.

When dry it does not appear to move immediately, but in water it can be seen how its imposing shapes, shapes that when overturned remind us of the keel of a sailing boat, “navigate” with fluidity and without any pressure, pivoting on the hydrodynamic centre of gravity.