pedestal with built-in light / electrical distribution / water supply / for docks



  • Type:

    with built-in light, electrical distribution, water supply

  • Installation:

    for docks

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, LED


Service pedestals are manufactured by Bellamer to strict European standards and requirements utilizingEuropean-made components.Depending on the model, the outer casing of the service pedestals are made from either anodizedaluminium (6061 Т5 alloy), 1.5-2 mm (0.0591”-0.0787”) thick polished stainless steel, polycarbonate orcomposite materials. The outer dimensions of the pedestals depend on model, necessary equipmentand customer requirements.Service pedestals are equipped with LED lighting systems, a wide range of electrical and water servicesand additional functions to accommodate even the largest of boats. The standard pedestal can offersockets in IP44 and IP67 from 10A up to 125A and voltages of 220/380V.They are designed for installation on all kinds of pontoons and floating structures and can be adaptedto conform to local requirements, conditions and customer needs.As a result of the use of high-quality materials and components, the term of operation is not less than15 years. All service pedestals are thoroughly tested and have certificates of European conformity fromSGS Finland.Bellamer pedestals are used where the highest level of service is required.