boat power distribution unit
AC&DC PDU Main Panel, 120VAC/12 Positions+12VDC(24VDC)/15 Po



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    for boats


Product Introduction:
AC&DC PDU Main Panel, 120VAC/12 Positions+12VDC(24VDC)/15 Positions is a main distribution manual with AC distributin and DC distribution. AC PDU accepts inputs of generator and shore power that interlock each other and outputs of 12 channels, DC PDU supports one channel of DC input and 15 channels output. AC PDU and DC PDU have independent voltage and current displaying panels.

Areas of Application:
For the power supply system of yachts and boats.

Product features:
● With display to indicate Voltage, Current and Frequency.
● Support AC main inputs interlocked each other.
● Over Current、Short Circuit, AC L&N reverse polarity indication, and LED light indicators for status indications and malfunction alarm functions.
● Operation panel with backlight display function.
● Support branch channel expanding.

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