12V battery / lithium / ion / with integrated battery management system
B/BMS-Li 12/360



  • Voltage:


  • Storage system:

    lithium, ion

  • Other characteristics:

    with integrated battery management system


Product Description:
Li-ion Battery(B/BMS-Li) is energy storage & management system, formed by high quality LiFePo4 battery cells and a battery management system (BMS) use for fulfilling the demand of electricity power storage in a yacht.

Application Field:
For the power supply system of yachts and boats.

Product Features:
● Support for NMEA 2000 communication protocol.
● Use the lithium iron phosphate battery cells which are recognized as the industry’s safest battery cells.
● Being eco-friendly and zero pollution which is in line with the industry’s environmental policies.
● Compact size and lightweight (only ⅓ of that for a conventional Lead-acid battery) leading to a reduced installation space and decreased self-weight of yacht.
● Long battery service life with higher cycle counts of up to 2000 counts at 90% DOD.
● Quick charge/discharge with up to 500A of discharging current
● Built-in BMS that enables a real-time monitoring and smart management of battery status including the voltage, temperature, and SOC of battery.
● Support for multiple batteries connected in series or parallel mode.
● Built-in Micro SD card for storing battery operation parameters to offer ease in battery maintenance, repairs and inspection.
● Adopts high efficient proactive equalization technology to ensure the utilization of effective battery capacity and the safety in battery use.

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