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DC PDU DSB 12V/30A-12 Sub Motorized Panel



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Product Introduction:
DC PDU DSB 12V/30A-12 Sub Motorized Panel (DC PDU DSB 24V/30A-12, and DC PDU DSB 12V/30A-12) are APM Technologies’ smart DC distributors specially designed for the power supply of branch channels in a marine DC distribution board. The appliance can simultaneously and remotely control the ON/OFF operation for 12 channels of load. In the event of a failed remote control, the users have the option to manually control the ON/OFF of loads.These two DC PDU Distribution Panels (DC PDU DSB 24V/30A-12, and DC PDU DSB 12V/30A-12) are smart DC distribution panels integrated with the following functions: remote automatic power distribution, OCP, SCP, CAN communication, RS485 communication, etc.

Product Features:
● Support for NMEA 2000 communication protocol.
● Real-time online detections for the voltage and current input values.
● Support for 1 channel of DC input, 12 channels of DC output, and configure with LED indicators for status.
● Support for the remote control of circuit breaker ON/OFF switches.
● Built-in CPU to real-time monitor the input voltage, current and the ON/OFF status of circuit breakers.
● Over Current、Short Circuit and LED light indicators for status indications and malfunction alarm functions.
● Communication with monitoring center through the CAN interface, reserve 2 RS485 communication interfaces, and visually display on a monitoring device the operating status, parameters, and alarm information.
● Modular design for ease of capacity expansion to increase the numbers of power supply channel for loadings.
● Operation panel with backlight display function.