boat Can Bus switch / for ships / for yachts
MSCS 200(Marine Smart CANBus Switch)



  • Application domain:

    for boats, for ships, for yachts


Product Description:
MSCS 200 is mainly used to identify the signal quality of two CANBus which are installed as the spare for each other, and select the best signal for the backend device for the optimized communication status, thus greatly ensure the communication signal quality and reliability of the backend device.

Application Areas:
Yacht and marine communication systems requiring high reliability, and system network in other application environments that requiring improving the reliability of system.

Product Features:
● Real-time detections of the communication signal and power supply for two channels.
● Based on detection result to smartly switchover output communication channel, and thus ensuring a reliable transmission of communication signal.
● LED indicators for real-time display the communication and power supply status of two channels.
● No need for an independent power supply, and can be operated normally through the CAN communication internal power supply.
● Compatible with all the existing APM Technologies’ MSS devices.
● High degree waterproof & dustproof, and support for the communication network at the vast majority of environments.
● Wall-mounted installation type, convenient install and easy maintenance.